Martin Lawes - Projects Quality Control Manager


Martin Lawes

Projects Quality Control Manager

We are pleased to announce that we have recently promoted Martin Lawes to the position of Projects Quality Control Manager.

Martin has been with Focus 21 for nearly 13 years, most recently leading the commissioning team, and we firmly believe this promotion will further enhance our customer experience.

Martin will be making sure best practices of the industry are adhered to, from the early design stage, to the final on-site commissioning, with the aim of utilising the knowledge from multiple projects to ensure we can offer our customers the very best service, reduce time spent on projects, and provide cost savings to our clients.

Examples of this could be to make sure a small error in system design is picked up before the rack build team come to wire a system, and to avoid wasting time re-working the equipment racks, or to make sure the commissioning team is fully trained on products we are using for the first time.

Although the output from his role may not be directly visible to customers, having a dedicated resource casting an impartial eye over the department, and overseeing all projects will enable us to spot potential issues before they arise, utilise teams’ time more efficiently, spot best practices easier and offer feedback and suggestions on products that may perform better.

Martin’s role will see him working with all departments and members of the projects team, clients, consultants and suppliers of hardware and software. He will also be responsible for organising and managing technical training on new products or software that will increase the efficiency of deployment and support within the project team.

Please join us in congratulating Martin on this promotion